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This was probably an example of the rules that Mashima-sensei had just referred to.

“As the commander, you can choose to intervene at any time by clicking on the rule you want to act upon. Be sure to keep this in mind.”

The monitor changed back to the shogi video once again.

“You won’t be allowed to provide your classmates with instructions over the phone. Instead, we will be adopting a text-to-speech system that will read out the messages you send them. After you type out your message and send it, it will be played through your classmate’s headset.”

This meant that a machine would be automatically reading out our messages after we sent them. This was probably done in order to prevent us from conveying more information than we were allowed to. Using the shogi match as an example, the commanders are only allowed to intervene a single time to change one move on the board, but if they’re careful with how they phrase their instructions, they might be able to convey two or three move’s worth of instructions instead.

“Should a commander step out of line and interfere with an event in a way the rules don’t allow, their class may be faced with disqualification and lose the event.”

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I had expected this. It’d be safe to assume that a third party would be carefully checking every message we sent our classmates.

“For each event, only one person in each class will be allowed to wear one of the headsets. Even in a team event, only one person will be allowed to receive instructions. As the commander, you’ll have to choose who this person will be.”

From the looks of it, I had more on my plate than I expected.

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While there were plenty of things we could decide on beforehand, we would always have to be ready for unexpected circumstances.

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“You’ll be allowed to send out your instructions whenever you want, so long as it abides by the rules.”

We could freely change our screen layouts whenever we wanted, including minimizing or maximizing certain aspects of the display to show only the information we wanted to see.

Between observing the students in the current event to making preparations for the next one, there would be plenty of stuff to do to keep us occupied.

“This wraps up my explanation of the commander’s duties and procedures. Are there any questions?”

Mashima-sensei did a quick glance throughout the room, but it didn’t seem like anyone had something they wanted to bring up.

“Alright then, that’ll be all for today. If any of you want to go over the system or check on something, you’ll be allowed to visit the multipurpose classroom under teacher supervision until one week before the exam. You’re all dismissed.”

With that, the explanation was finished and we all left.

(Part 2 End)