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Losing the first round already made the qualifying situation very serious.

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What was more important was that the two teams that lost were not the strongest teams in Europe and America. That was because the first seeded team of Europe and America was the same as FV Club. They did not even need to play group matches. They were waiting for the top eight.

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If they could not even defeat the non-seeded teams in Europe and the United States, how could they survive when they met the strong teams?

Many viewers had stayed up until three in the morning to watch the competition. In the end, after waiting for so long, they had only watched two failed competitions. They must have been so angry that they could not sleep and were about to burst out in the live-stream.

What’s more, it wasn’t just the live-stream. The gamers on the various forums and video websites had also flamed it.

“There is such a huge gap between domestic teams and Western teams?”

“Yes, it’s a good thing.”

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“FV’s team has about the same strength as these two teams. Since both teams had been defeated, FV team will probably be knocked out in the first round for the top eight. It won’t be too popular.”

Pei Qian could not help but feel optimistic. He used his cell phone to project his phone on the big television, intending to quickly watch the highlights of the previous few competitions.

On Aili Island, IOI’s official account had updated the opening ceremony of IOI’s global finals and the highlights of the previous competitions.

The opening ceremony had invited a certain European and American singer to sing the theme song. There was also a dance team doing cosplay. The overall feeling was not bad, and it was rather impressive.

The venue was huge and crowded, so it looked more impressive. It was obviously much better, compared to GOG’s international invitational tournament. That was why the bullet screen comments were more enthusiastic.

However, when it came to the main competition, the overall situation changed drastically.

Pei Qian jumped up to take a look at the two domestic teams that had lost. He realized that it was not wrong for these two teams to be scolded. If he had stayed up all night to watch these two matches, he would definitely scold them as well.

The first round of the competition was a draw. The second round of the competition had been drawn out for a long time. They had missed many opportunities before being swept away by the opponent. It was really hard to say which was more infuriating.

The key was that, perhaps because of nervousness or some other reason, these two teams did not seem to have the strength to fight. Their decisions were hesitant and their operations were restricted.

What’s more, none of the heroes that Pei Qian had seen before had appeared.