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Looks like a little bit of water won't be enough to extinguish the flames of Ishizaki's anger anymore now.

On the contrary, it seems to be gaining momentum. Keisei's keeping an eye on the situation to a certain extent and he can also make declarations on it.

However, he's not taking any action that'd take their feelings into account.

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"You're a simple-minded person. That's why you've fallen to Class D".

Remarks that are just adding fuel to the fire are dropped this time by Yahiko. As for the rest, the Class B students are keeping a low profile and waiting for this whole situation to blow over.

"How unfortunate. I don't know whether we can make it with this group or not".

Beside me, Hashimoto sighed and lamented the situation.

"Well, can't be helped I guess".

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Hashimoto said so. I thought he'd continue playing the role of the observer but he punched the wooden bed with his balled fist. All the other students, save for Kouenji, reacted to that sound.

"Let's calm down. I won't say it's a bad thing to quarrel and slug it out but this is hardly the place nor the time for it, right? Of course, if the furniture we're using gets damaged, it'll also become a matter of taking responsibility. If our faces start swelling, we may be questioned on what happened too. Right?".

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Creating a silence through making a sound without using his voice, Hashimoto said what needed to be said. Ishizaki, who had been yelling about how it's not his problem, now probably understands that this isn't the place for that.

"Glasses-kun over there, what's your name again?".


"That's right, it's exactly as Yukimura-kun said. There's no time. For now, tuck away your anger and let's head for the assembly, shall we? Then, we'll eat our breakfast and if your anger still hasn't abated by then, you're free to decide whether or not to slug it out again. That's what being in a group means, right?".

"...aren't you glad, Kouenji? You get to live for a while longer".

"Yeah, I'm really glad. Because I happen to be a pacifist after all".