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「No, you clearly said it now! I heard you!」

「Yes, now silence! Focus on training! Anyway, we shall begin the lesson on Magical Breathing!」

We seemed to have derailed each other’s conversation a little, but in the end, Tre’ainar forcibly restored it.

Well, it’s a draw for now.

If I were to talk, I might have been able to drive the Great Demon King to a corner a little...

「Now, ‘breathing’ and ‘meditation’ are important for learning magical breathing. Moreover, tis not just breathing and meditation. First of all, tis training to concentrate on breathing and meditation in any situation and to do it precisely. There is a perfect training method for that.」

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Tre’ainar... it wasn’t, Tre’ainar coughed lightly and immediately started talking seriously, and I sat up and paid close attention.

「Fufufu, it seems that Jamdi’el was also trying to have the students of the dojo learn Magical Breathing... I witnessed them performing something similar in the dojo, though sporadically.」

「Eh!? Well then... can Jamdi’el also use Magical Breathing?」

「No, she cannot. And what was being performed in the dojo was incomplete training. In that case, no matter how much they try, they cannot learn Magical Breathing. In this way, Jamdi’el imperfectly conveys what I once devised, in the hopes that ‘someone will learn it’.」

「I, is that right... it?」

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「Tis so. And you are in luck. With certainty, I shall guide you correctly. Yes, I am different from Jamdi’el.」

Tre’ainar looked confident with a smug expression.

The other day, I was frightened when I saw the “darkness” of Jamdi’el, but when I thought that this guy was much stronger than Jamdi’el, I felt somewhat complicated.

「Well... the best training to learn Magical Breathing...... is a practice called Magical Yoga.」

Yo... ga? It was the first time I heard of it.

「In this training, tis essential to learn various movements and poses. You should learn my movements and try them later in front of the dojo mirror.」

With that said, Tre’ainar decided to immediately give me a demonstration.