Is it a lie to a part-time job?

Is it a lie to a part-time job?

However, how has she been able to sustain this until now?

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“My blog was where I supported my heart; it was the only place where I could confide about this pressure. Of course, It was all written anonymously, but it had all of the facts. I poured all of my usual stress out there, and I finally started to feel at ease. Thanks to my blog, I was able to sustain myself. I felt truly happy receiving words of encouragement from a third party who I didn’t even know… But one day, my blog was accidentally discovered by a classmate. Even though I had changed the names of the characters, it was impossible not to notice that the content was based on real events. It was inevitable that ended up hated for all of the bad-mouthing I had done to all of my classmates.”

“That’s how the incident started, right?”

“By the next day the content of the blog had spread to the whole class, and I was severely criticized by everyone. Up until that point, I had been a huge help to everyone, but as a result of this, everyone’s attitude toward me suddenly changed. It’s selfish, right? The boy who said he liked me hit me on the shoulder. It made sense, I had written on my blog that I was sick of his constant confessions and wanted him to die. A girl who I had comforted after she was dumped by her boyfriend kicked my desk because I had written about why she was dumped and made fun of her. To put it simply, I felt that I was in danger. More than thirty students had all marked me as their enemy.”

It was a battle that she could never win. I could only see Kushida being kicked out of the class.

“How did you get through that situation? By violence, or with lies?”

This was the mystery that Horikita and I had talked about before and couldn’t come to a conclusion over.

“I didn’t use ‘lies’ or ‘violence’. I just preached the ‘truth’ and exposed the secrets of all of my classmates. Things like who someone hates, or who someone thinks is disgusting. I exposed the truths that I didn’t even write on my blog.”

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We really didn’t know. “Truth” is a weapon that can be acquired through the accumulation of trust. It’s an option that doesn’t exist for either Horikita or myself. Its strength feels small, but it’s a powerful double-edged sword that can be used at the cost of losing trust.

“At this point, most of the hatred towards me was redirected towards others. The boys started fighting each other, the girls were pulling each other’s hair and knocking each other over. The classroom was a mess. It was all truly amazing.”


“This is the truth of the incident……”

“The class became inoperable because of the disruption that I had caused. Of course, I was scolded by the school, but all I did was write anonymously on my blog. Besides, I was just telling the truth to my classmates, so the school was unsure of how to issue any punishment.”

She spoke quietly, but every word carried unspeakable weight.

“Now, unlike back in middle school, I don’t know much about the others in Class D. Despite this, I still have the ‘truth’ to make a few people fall apart. This is my only weapon right now.”

This was a threat. She means that if we tell anyone, we have to be aware of the consequences.

All she would need to do is use the truth, and she could cause a rift in Class D which had just begun to unite together. If this happened, the progressive atmosphere in the class would probably disappear.