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"Too bad, Yukimura. That was a good try, though" Machida and the others said that while grinning and laughing.

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They said that so that Yukimura, who was seen through completely, would be thoroughly humiliated.

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They also glanced at me, the person they must have believed to be the orchestrator of this strategy. But even with the anxious Yukimura and Class D, and the surprised Class C and A. There must have been a lot of things they wanted to talk about, but the rules now prohibit us from discussing any further.

"In any case, we've already determined that Ayanokouji-kun is the "target". Machida-kun, promise me that we will aim for the first outcome together without betraying anyone" Ichinose asks Machida that.

"Naturally. Trust in me, let's go" Machida promptly replied to her.

Having been called by their friends, the three students of Class A were the fastest ones out of the room.

"The ones who believe will be saved, you know. I will never betray you. That's why I also want Class C to do the same. You just have to bear with it for 30 minutes" Ichinose tells the students of Class C.

Manabe and the others simply nod their heads in response. Yukimura glanced to the phone I held in my hands.

"I was a fool for following your plan. This is the worst" he said.

And then one after another, everyone left the room, leaving me and Ichinose alone.

"Now we just have to trust everyone" she said.

"Yeah...I suppose so"