budget money

budget money

That’s it?

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He had cleared the game?

That line of words was the only thing he received?

Shouldn’t you at least make a trophy for me? Make a podium!

Even if you don’t have those art resources, make me a sound effect of people cheering!

How much does cheering sound effects even cost? Must you be that stingy?!

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I spent eight hours clearing this and all you gave me was a black screen and a mocking remark?!

Qiao Liang could not take it any longer, be it physically or mentally.

He had truly invested deeply and he was so pissed at this game that he wanted to cry!

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However, despite his despair and infuriation, there was a slight consolation in his heart. A slight... relief?

It wasn’t that he was a masochist; he knew that this was precious material for him!

Wouldn’t his audiences click for more likes and shares seeing their UP Master in such misery?