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[What was your call about? If possible, I’d like to meet up with you this evening.]

The message was marked as read immediately after I sent it.

[I didn’t call for any reason in particular, just forget about it. Anyway, I’m fine with meeting up, but can you make it earlier? I already have plans to go out with my friends tonight.]

In which case, I decided to suggest a time around five o’clock.

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[Does 5 work? Anytime before 6 is fine.]

[Okie~ 5 o’clock then. What’s it about?]

[I’ll explain when we meet.]

The elevator arrived as soon as I sent the last message.

Hirata was the only one onboard.

“Hey. Good morning Ayanokouji-kun.”

“How unusual, Hirata. We’re both pushing it to the last minute, aren’t we?”

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Hirata was an honors student, so he usually left for school in the mornings with quite a lot of time to spare.