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「… What do you mean?」

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「I have studied through history books, memoirs, classic literature, and all kinds of materials. However, there exists not a single material that describes anything remotely similar to the World Waterfall. Without any evidence, the only source we have to go by is the announcement from the Holy Knights Association. This is too unnatural and too strange. I can’t help but feel that it is artificial.」

Unusual for Fu, he explained passionately while clenching his fist.

「The Holy Knights Association most likely knows something significant. They are hiding monumental information in their headquarters which is protected by the strongest of mankind, the『Seven Holy Swords』!」

There was an expression of resentment and envy on his face.

「The end of the world is too far away, and the existing airplanes can’t reach there. At present, there is no way to get there. But I want to go beyond the World Waterfall someday! I can’t help wanting to know what’s beyond that! I joined the Black Organization for the sake of finding that out!」

「Is it to…『protect yourself』?」

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「Yes. Studying history and investigating what lies at the end of the world – these are strictly forbidden by international law. With the abominable『historian hunting』, archaeologists like me have no place to turn to. We’re in a situation where we can’t even concentrate on our research without joining an organization like the Black Organization which boasts overwhelming might.」

「I see…」

Zack Bomber joined to accomplish something that he otherwise can’t with the Holy Knights Association.

Rain Glad joined to save Serena, who suffered from the Curse of Rain.

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Fu Rudras joined to learn what lies at the end of the world.

Everyone seems to choose the Black Organization as a『means』to fulfill their wishes.

And when the explanation reached the end,


Fu exhaled loudly.