Can I need a bank card online?

Can I need a bank card online?

I immediately wanted to apologize, Tendou-san stopped me by raising her hand. Then, her eyes are sparkling with logic as she continued.

“The brothers will have fun no matter what the result was – that’s why you used the bomb. Am I right, Amano-kun?”


“Whether you or Shota got bombed, it’s funnier to the kids this way then to just compete regularly.”


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I scratched my cheeks before looking away, I’m being read like an open book. Crap, I knew my girlfriend’s attitude towards gaming. Then, I deliberately let her knew that I was so na?ve that I am willing to lose a match just to let the kids have fun.

Tendou-san’s voice then echoed throughout my head, she sounds a bit baffled, though.

“…Man. You hadn’t changed in the least bit since when you rejected my invitation…”

“Um! Tendou-san, I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to reject your attitude towards gaming…”

“Mmm, I understand, you’re not just randomly losing a match on purpose. But then, when compared to “looking cool in front of me,” you feel that it’s more important to let the brothers have fun, right?”

“Ahh! Well, um, ah, T-Tendou-san, I didn’t mean to just ignore you…”

Crap, I’m too scared to look at her. She sounds pissed from that-