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“No ‘but’s. Just come with me.”

Boss Pei did not even allow Cui Geng to object. He led the latter onto the car, and the two headed to Ming House for a huge feast.

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In the car, Cui Geng’s heart was filled with doubts. Boss Pei looked so happy when he saw me. Does he already know that today’s lesson on the Tengda spirit was a success?

Is he treating me to a meal to encourage me?

Ming House...

Pei Qian looked at Cui Geng with a smile, making Cui Geng’s hair stand.

“Boss Pei, please eat, too.”

The dishes on the table looked scrumptious to Cui Geng. Each dish was delicious, and it might not be a lot to Cui Geng. However, he would not be able to finish so many dishes by himself.

Boss Pei did not seem interested in the dishes. He picked at them as though he was eating at home.

Cui Geng was flustered for no reason as he looked at Boss Pei staring at him with some appreciation. He started to subconsciously fill up some outrageous plots.

A web novelist had great imaginations after all.

Of course, Pei Qian did not know what Cui Geng was thinking at this point in time. The main reason why he stared at Cui Geng was that he felt he found a great talent!

Pei Qian did not think much of it originally.

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Let the author who wrote the least in class come to the company to learn about the Tengda spirit mainly to let him feel the lazy atmosphere of Tengda. He could then bring this spirit back to class and disintegrate the class of hardworking people from inside out.

Pei Qian did not expect Cui Geng to perform so superbly. Not only did he successfully fulfill his expectations, but there was also a surprise!

He went to the game room in Tengda headquarters to play games in the morning.