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After withdrawing from the semi-finals, our final placement was fourth place.

We can’t participate in the finals tomorrow, but…

The audience applauded us for our achievement of defeating White Lily Academy.

(Let’s do our best to advance to the finals next year.)

From tomorrow, classes will start again as usual.

Training of soul dress, improvement of physical strength, manipulation of darkness, and, of course, I can’t miss the daily sword swinging.

(Fufu… There are still a lot of things to be done!)

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A lot of things – which means I can become much stronger.

When I thought about it, a smile naturally came to my face.

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After that, the long closing ceremony ended – bringing an end to the Sword King Festival of Thousand Blade Academy.

At the same time, the seniors, who were cheering me on in the audience, crowded around me all at once.

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「I was watching you, Allen! You played such an active part! If I’m not mistaken, you won all the battles. You never lost, right!?」

「Hey, hey, I’d like to join your Practice-Swing Club too! Actually, please teach me swordsmanship already!」

「Or rather, why are you the only one who is so lively!?」

While being jostled by the seniors, I was asked questions in rapid succession.

I left the National Holy Battlefield, surrounded by a lot of friends

But right after that, my eyes widened in shock.