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“Y-Yeah, I’m already alone with Amanocchi only a couple days after that. This feels not right. We’ll admit that. However, that’s the reason why we picked another family restaurant…”

She said that and glanced outside the window.

“…By the way, even if this counts as downtown, it’s still more or less quite close to Hoshinomori-san’s home…”

“Yeah, …I’m sorry. Although it’s not like a couple steps away, our family will get dinner here based on its taste and price…I’m really sorry…”

“No, there’s nothing you need to apologize for…”

Aguri-san gave me an awkward look and signal me to think of a way to get out of this…W-Why do you have to ask me…

“…C-Chiaki, what games are you playing recently?”

“You’re way too terrible at chatting, Amanocchi! I can’t believe you got the nerve to talk about gaming with a depressed girl!”

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Aguri-san complained at the top of her voice. However-

“Ah, I started playing Dragon Blood Tree’s Maze 5. Keita, you played that as well, right?”

“You two are chatting!”

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Aguri-san was shocked. I focused on talking with Chiaki.

“Of course! I’m on level 3. What about you?”

“Me too! Man, why does the middle part is the most compelling in these type of games!”

“It’s super effective as well! What’s wrong with gaming otakus! They’ll go high whenever someone throws the word ‘gaming’ out!”

Aguri-san seems to be talking about something, but us gamers can’t hear her already. Chiaki and I sat next to each other and even turned our bodies as we chatted enthusiastically.

“I know you! When there’re a lot more missions available in the mid-game after you passed the tutorial, it really excites me!”