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She had no idea where she was or where she was going, but she had an obligation to push forward nonetheless.

Where should she go? Which direction?

So as to dispel the anxious questions running through her mind, Ichinose steeled herself and took a right step forward.

Just then, a noise, ever so faint, came from somewhere up ahead.

She momentarily deliberated over whether or not to shout out, excited by the prospect of running into somebody else, but she couldn’t discount the possibility that it had just been a wild animal of some sort.

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Thinking that she might as well just go and take a look for herself, Ichinose quietly began to move toward the source of the sound.

Before long, the figures of two people came into view: Tsukishiro, the school’s Acting Director, and Shiba, the homeroom teacher of Class 1-D.

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Upon seeing them, Ichinose let out a deep, prolonged sigh of relief since she could now ask for directions to the port.


She quickly realized that was the same naive line of thinking that had gotten her into this situation in the first place. Even though this was an accident, that didn’t change the fact that she was currently in the middle of a special exam. Given that, it didn’t seem very likely that they would give her directions if she told them that she had lost her way.

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And while it would be one thing if her watch had broken due to some technical issue, given that she was the one who had broken it, well… If they were to chalk it up as her own responsibility, this precious chance to get out of the forest would slip through her fingers.

Therefore, she wanted to find a way to hold onto the chance instead.

A thought came to mind: that it might be for the best to just follow after them.

They’d ideally just go back to the starting area from here, but if they ended up heading off to an upcoming Task site instead, other students would be bound to show up sooner or later. Either way, by following them she’d probably manage to avoid the worst-case scenario.

After thinking about it for a bit longer, she ultimately settled on tailing them from behind.

Since they seemed to be immersed in a conversation of some sort as they walked, she figured that she would be relatively hard to notice. And even in the off chance she did get caught, she didn’t think it’d be a very big deal as long as she feigned ignorance.

“I asked you to confirm whether or not we’re in the clear to freely take action. How about it?”

“It seems that will be difficult. I’ve found evidence to suggest that the teachers are keeping a keen eye on us. Among them, Mashima seems to be on particularly high alert…”