How to sell Jingdong coupons online?

How to sell Jingdong coupons online?

Then the wall clock began ringing out “Dong Dong Dong”.

It was already 11pm.

It’s time to sleep in preparation for tomorrow.

「Aa… it’s already this late」

「Un… We have to get ready for bed soon.」

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「Yeah, Ria, go take a bath first.」

「…That is a perverted way of saying.」

I was being considerate just in case, but for some reason she was glaring at me.

「…Nn? Which is perverted?」

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I don’t think there was anything perverted in what I just said…

「Th-That is… m-mou… it’s nothing!」

Ria walked toward the bathroom, while blushing for some reason.

「I-If you peek this time, I will never forgive you…!」